I was at a musem and my friends pulled me into the room and were like “you have to watch this” and i walked in and there was all this cheap girly clothing strewn about in piles and generic looking couches and the place smelled like justice perfume. i sat down on the couch and put on the headphones and it was at the part where sammy-b was covered in blood and my jaw just dropped and me and my friend ryan stayed glued to the screen for the next 30 minutes. it was so frantic but it got kind of meditative because there wasn’t enough time to think really, except i kept thinking about how it really reminded me of being a pre-teen when lizzie mcguire and raven symone and taina were popular. but like this is how my memory of that time would seem if i was thinking back on my life through a week long meth binge and the memory threw up on itself. and then even though we didn’t make it through a full loop of the movie we had to stop watching because me and my friend were both feeling a little ill. everyone go watch this